Returns/Exchanges: We do not accept returns or exchanges on items or issue refunds. All products have sizing and measurements clearly provided in their descriptions. Please read full product descriptions and ask questions prior to purchasing.

Shipping: Processing of orders can take up to five business days. All items will be shipped USPS priority or first class with tracking with the exception of orders totaling over $750. Orders that total over $750 will be shipped Fedex fully insured and signature required. 

IF YOU NEED RUSH SHIPPING please contact us before placing the order to make sure we are able to accommodate your request. 

Due to the ever changing shipping regulations to foreign countries we are no longer offer in international shipping. Shipping is available to the Untied States only. 

Leather Products: All of our leather products are made by hand and will never be "machine" perfect. Even if we try, no two items will ever be the same. Leather is an animal skin and comes with all kinds of unique textures and markings making each piece unique. Some pieces may include scars, scratches, brands, tattoos, stretch marks or other markings that tell a story of how that animal lived giving each product we make its own unique characteristics! 

Leather Care: Leather is a natural skin that retains moisture, drys out, can stretch, warp and crack without proper care. Overtime you may need to take measures to increase the longevity of your leather item such as cleaning, conditioning or resealing. 

Your leather items will be sealed in a water resistant coating but this does not make it waterproof. Water can ruin your item causing the leather to warp, stretch, and change colors. Please do not use your leather items while bathing, swimming or in heavy rainy weather. 

To clean your leather items we recommend using regular glycerin saddle soap that  you can find at any local tack shop or Tractor Supply. If you need to condition your items any of the Bee Naturals products are a great choice as well as Skidmore's Leather Cream. If you need to oil your items regular olive oil from your kitchen or any saddle oil from your local tack store will work. Please advise that oiling your leather items can darken the leather. 

We are not responsible for normal wear and tear, or for item wear due to misuse. Misuse includes overpacking, constant rubbing, getting the item wet or using the item for anything other than its intended purpose. 

We want you to love your leather items but If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will work to resolve any issues. 

Miscellaneous Shop Policies: I have the right to choose not to do business with anyone who's design aesthetic does not match my personal artistic style. I will not create designs that include but are not limited to any logo, trademark or copyright images or sayings.

Fraud: We have a zero fraud tolerance. If your credit card comes back as fraudulent, your order will be cancelled and we will no longer accept any orders from you. We also have the right to refuse to do business with anyone who could potentially be involved in fraudulent actives.